Experts provide important tips to avoid bed bugs this travel season

(Courtesy: Willards Pest Control)

Summer travel season is officially here for a lot of families. However, when you go on your next getaway the last thing you want to bring home is an unwanted traveler. Bed bugs are survivors. They can travel thousands of miles, in your cloths, handbags and luggage. Experts told ABC6 that there are a few things you can do to avoid the hassle.

Pest control tech, Ray Williamson said they just crawl in and hang on.

"You can come into contact many places when you're out on a trip and they cling on like their life depends on it, because it does," said Williamson.

Maggie Snyder said she brought home bugs from a high-end hotel in New York City.

"I knew the bed bugs were in my bed. I came home from my trip and noticed bites all over my legs and on my arms," said Snyder.

Thankfully for her, she was able to kill the bed bugs and eggs before they could multiply.

Experts report you should do several things to avoid picking up bed bugs when you travel:

As soon as you get where you're staying, think twice about what you plan to do with your bag.

  • Never put your bags on a bed or the carpeted floor. Instead, store your baggage in the bathroom.
  • Experts report that a shower or the bathtub are the least likely places a bed bug will be.

Grab a flashlight and carefully inspect all the places you'll be sleeping and sitting. When inspecting the bed, be sure to remove the mattress cover, and carefully inspect the rim around both the mattress and the box spring.

Keep in mind that most hotels and vacation rentals are just as interested in preventing bed bugs as you are, but they may not always inspect as carefully as you. If you don't find signs of bed bugs, great! Unpack your bags in the bathroom and hang your clothes in the closet. Knowing this drill can hopefully be a part of keeping for vacation and return home problem free.

Also keep in mind, you can barely see the eggs of these bugs. They're often the size of a speck of dust. So missing them can be pretty easy.

This next step may sound weird, but once you get home unpack your bags before you go inside. Then take those clothes right to the washing machine and dry your clothes in high heat. Wrap up your suitcase in a garbage bag to kill any bugs that may be inside and leave it wrapped up for at least two weeks. Experts said that is the best way to avoid any issues.

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