Family asking for help to find dogs stolen from their backyard

A family is begging for the person who stole their two dogs to bring them back home. (WSYX/WTTE)

A family is begging for the person who stole their two dogs to bring them back home.

Jonathon Moore and Daylynn Gill absolutely love their four dogs and it shows everywhere they go. The family does everything they can with their dogs and looks at them like family.

The family was gone for about five hours last Saturday and left their four dogs on the back of the porch. Moore said their new puppy started to tear things up inside the house, which is why he decided to put the dogs in their fenced in back porch. When the family came back home, they noticed two of their dogs were stolen.

The family obtained surveillance video from two nearby businesses that show a man take two dogs from the family's back porch.

One of the videos started off with a green car circling around the family's house and slowing down near the backyard. Minutes into the video, the car slowed down and went out of frame when a man with a blue shirt walked up to the fence, entered it and picks up one of the four dogs.

Hours later the same car circled back around and seemingly the same man walked through the family's fence, picked up another dog and walked away.

Moore said when he got, home he drove around for nearly six hours, calling out the dogs' names. Moore didn't realize the dogs were stolen until he saw surveillance video that showed both dogs being taken.

"Furious, angry, heartbroken because I knew there was less chance of me finding them because they were stolen," said Jonathon Moore.

Moore said he filed a report with the Franklin County Sheriff's Office, but said he hasn't heard anything back. The family has been busy posting pictures of their two stolen dogs all around social media. The family said they just want deputies to get the surveillance video and run the license plate of the car that is pictured in the video.

*Editor's note: The video is blurred until we can verify it with authorities. It was received from the victims, not from police*

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