Cycle parts business uncovers employee online theft scheme

Steve Tietjen, owner of Classic Cycle Parts, says he uncovered an employee stealing rare motorcycle parts and selling them on Ebay (WSYX/WTTE)

Hilliard Police continue to search for an employee accused of stealing merchandise from a Hilliard cycle parts shop.

Robert Hamlin, 53, is wanted for stealing more than $10,000 worth of rare motorcycle parts, and then selling them on several sites he created on Ebay.

"He ended stealing probably more than he made here," said Steve Tietjen, owner of Classic Cycle Parts, who hired Hamlin in March.

Tietjen says an employee of his, uncovered the scam when he noticed company product photos posted on an Ebay site not connected to the company.

"When the auto parts were sold, he would take the part out of the box, and out of the building, we even discovered where he was shipping the parts from," said Tietjen.

Tietjen says they have not heard from Hamlin since he fled company offices last month after being confronted about the thefts. Hilliard Police say they unraveled a web of lies Hamlin had been spinning since he was hired by the company, including the spelling of his last name.

"It's Hamlin," said Deborah Mullin, with Hilliard Police, "but he uses Hanlin, he talked about how he was married, but he is not and he has no children."

Hamlin also claimed to have served for 20 years in the military," but that too is believed to be made up.

"I don't like to hear that somebody uses the military to gain an advantage over a job," said Tietjen.

Hamlin has an arrest record that goes back a decade. Hilliard Police believe there may be more victims out there, and are asking anyone who may have hired Hamlin to check for possible missing inventory.

"My concern is he is going to have to have money coming in, he's probably looking for other jobs," said Mullin.

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