Neighbors upset over vacant eyesore

Neighbors upset over city-owned eyesore

Vacant and abandoned properties are plaguing some neighborhoods and the City of Columbus gets 20 thousand complaints about them each year.

In the Kenmore Park neighborhood near North Linden, there’s an eyesore on Dresden Street that records show is now city-owned and sat vacant since 2012.

Neighbors contacted 6 On Your Side in hopes of finally getting the property cleaned up.

“This is what we get to look at,” neighbor Evan Deehan said said. “I’m sick of looking at it.”

The Deehans moved in last summer and it didn’t take them long to notice the tall weeds, boarded up windows and growing problems out back.

“All of this is a nice fire hazard,” Deehan said. “If I were an opossum, a coon or a rat, I’d be digging a hold to get in there.”

Records show time and time again the place is overlooked and overgrown. Complaints go back nearly a decade to the city regarding weeds, grass and other code violations.

ABC 6 On Your Side questioned the city and was told it was just taken over by the land bank one week ago. Before that, records show it was in foreclosure and left in limbo with taxes going unpaid and no one held accountable.

“The city should fix it up and sell it,” Deehan said. “You own it. It’s your responsibility.”

The city assured ABC 6 On Your Side that an assessment is planned in the coming days to figure out if the property will be demolished or fixed up and sold. It’s just one of the more than 5,300 vacant or abandoned homes in Columbus.

Over the next three years, $12 million is being investigated to fix up or tear down neighborhood eyesores.

To report neighborhood blight, go to the city’s website by clicking here.

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