On Your Side Champions: She Has A Name cleaning services


A unique cleaning service has a mission to not just clean your home and business, but also to put a face and - just as importantly - a name to the human trafficking problem in central Ohio.

She Has A Name Cleaning Services just started in the Spring of 2015, and opens a door to employment for recovering women "We're cleaning with a cause, cleaning with care, so we want to meet our clients' needs. We also want to create awareness of some of the issues - domestic violence and human trafficking," said co-founded Kelsie Johnson.

The name of the business comes from a common exchange between a pimp and a john. "When a buyer would come and say 'I just want somebody for the night, who can I have' or whatever - well she doesn't have a name - she can be whoever you want," Johnson explained.

"When I started working here, I had been out of prison for a year," said Ernestine, one of the company's employees. She and the other employees often deal with several barriers to employment, like convictions and drug addiction. But since last Spring, Ernestine and others have found a job and home working for She Has A Name Cleaning.

"It helped me get back on track, and they fully support my recovery program," said employee Heather Shortridge.

The women understand the challenges they face in gaining trust from clients. "Us ladies are hoping not to be defined by our past mistakes because we're really trying to correct our wrongs and to move forward," Heather said.

By offering them that clean break, She Has A Name is rebuilding lives one day, one house at at a time.

If you'd like to learn more about She Has A Name or their services, you can go to their website here.

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