OYS Champions: Four-decade Columbus Zoo volunteer

(Courtesy: Norma Dodge)

We are doing a series on some of the wonderful people who help make the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium one of the best in the world. They are our newest On Your Side Champions. This week we meet Norma Dodge.

The great grandmother has spent the last four decades dedicated to the Zoo. She is the widow of legendary Zoo Booster Mel Dodge, and her love for the animals was cemented when he would bring home lion, tiger, and cheetah cubs for her to raise. She became a docent after he passed when she was almost 70 and now 21 years later she is still at it.

You will often find her at the Gorilla Exhibit where she loves talking to the kids. Norma says, “if you can instill a love for an animal in a child, they will never be without a friend.”

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