On Your Side: East Columbus neighbors say street looks like "the city dump"


    In the Leawood neighborhood on the city's east side, Judith Cobb-Howard says she and others are calling whomever they can, to try to get a massive pile of garbage removed from the curbside.

    It takes up the entire street side curb of a local house. The pile is wet and rotting, it stinks, it is infested with flies, and people like Judith who live around it are fed up.

    "I have never seen anything like this, never — oh no, in the dumps!" Cobb-Howard said on Sunday morning. "The city dump, that's what it reminds me of."

    There are at least four mattresses, an old Target shopping cart, used food wrappers covered with flies, clothing and underwear, Christmas decorations, televisions and radios — the pile is six feet high in some places, filled with more than 50 years of refuse.


    "She became ill and had to go to a nursing home," explains neighbor Conni Paul, who knew the former occupant. That person was forced to move, and subsequent residents were foreclosed upon according to county records. The home was sold in July for $32,000.

    The contents of the house were thrown out on the curb. ABC 6/FOX 28 sent a message to the new owners, and to spokesmen with the city's Department of Public Service to see if either have plans to remove the mess. Neither answered before press time.

    Conni Paul says the neighborhood's garbage "bulk pick-up" day is Tuesday.

    "This is temporary," she said. "It'll probably be gone in the next week, and then good things will happen."


    Paul says the new owners have already installed a new roof.

    Not everyone in Leawood is so optimistic about the pile, though.

    " I was out here watching them just throw it all out. You can see, they didn't care," says Tammia Wilson, who lives next door with her mother Bonnie, who is bound to a wheelchair after a recent medical issue.

    "It's very unhealthy, and I have a bunch of grandchildren," Bonnie Wilson said on Sunday. "They need to come and clean this up, right now."


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