The importance of hiring veterans in the workplace

If you’re a veteran seeking employment, The Basement Doctor is here to provide you with the opportunity you deserve.

Did you know that there were 370,000 unemployed veterans in 2017? Many men and women who put their lives on the line for our country’s freedom are having trouble finding work, and The Basement Doctor is here to remind employers that veterans can truly make great additions to a company’s staff.

Ron Greenbaum, CEO of The Basement Doctor, believes that “we have a duty and honor to support veterans, people who have dedicated their lives to this country.” With the recent grand opening of the National Veterans Memorial and Museum, Greenbaum feels it is vital to stress the importance of hiring these individuals for work.

“About 15 percent of our employees are veterans, and they are great employees,” Greenbaum says. “They are reliable, and they understand what a mission is about; [which is important because] certain projects we take on are like missions. They are honest people, as well, which is very important when you are dealing with people’s homes and businesses. We want to support veterans in any way we can.”

Greenbaum’s words aren’t empty, either; The Basement Doctor does indeed staff several veterans. One reason for this is because many of the skills these individuals learned while serving in the military translate to the business world.

“I was a heavy equipment operator and mechanic in the reserves,” says Nilburn Stepp, who now works in after-market sales and service for The Basement Doctor. “My mechanical aptitude works in well with what we do here.”

Jessie Hall, formerly of the United States Army, seconds Stepp’s idea that his previous duties prepared him for what he does today as a warehouse manager. “We do a lot of our own in-house repairs here at The Basement Doctor, and my training in the military has really helped with improvising, adapting, and fixing things on the fly.”

Ed Meyer, General Manager for The Basement Doctor and a former member of the United States Navy, believes that the company looks to hire veterans because of their “leadership qualities, dedication, and hard work – all traits we are looking for.” Additionally, Meyer finds that many former servicemen and women represent the core values The Basement Doctor instills in employees: adaptability, mechanical aptitude, and intelligence.

If you’re a veteran seeking employment, The Basement Doctor is here to provide you with the opportunity you deserve. Please visit for more information on career opportunities that could potentially lead you to a new and exciting time in your life.