Buckeye Basketball: Holtmann says he's ten toes in as new OSU basketball coach


COLUMBUS -- Chris Holtmann did a round of up close interviews Tuesday after just 39 days into his new gig as OSU Head Basketball Coach.

ABC-6's Clay Hall sat down with the new coach in a wide ranging interview. Holtmann will be working with a thin roster and makes no promises but said he's impressed with the quality of people in his locker room and if they stay healthy he feels good about this group.

His players have talked about a new attitude, being "ten toes in." Hall asked Holtmann, who made a very difficult decision to leave Butler and take the Buckeye job, if he was ten toes in.

Upbeat but clearly focused on what on the first page "of his 25-page to-do list."

The Buckeyes will play their toughest non-conference schedule in many years including games against North Carolina and Gonzaga, who played for the 2017 National Championship.

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