Blue Jackets: Game one playoff preview against Capitals, CBJ quietly confident


WASHINGTON, D.C. -- The Washington Capitals won the season series 3-1 but the Blue Jackets say that's means nothing.

"To me, when we played them the first time, it didn't matter to me when we were playing them the second time," said CBJ head coach John Tortorella. "I don't even remember how we played them, what happened. No. It's a clean slate."

"Obviously, I'm not going to [lie to] you," Tortorella continued. "We, as coaches, look more for tendencies. They have a good idea how we play. There's no secrets in the game. I know their tendencies. It's how much information we give to the players. When you get into a series, you can touch upon more tendencies than you do when you play them on a Monday in October and won't see them again until maybe February."

The Jackets ended the season on a 13-1-2 roll to secure a postseason berth. "We had to go on a run eventually to get in," said Tortorella. "We were left for dead at one point...but we bought in each day, never too high or too low."

Captain Nick Foligno likes his team's mindset going into Thursday's playoff opener in DC. "I think we stumbled into the playoffs last year," Foligno said. The CBJ making their first back to back playoff apperances in franchise history.

Game 2 in Sunday at the Capital One Center in DC with the series returning to Columbus Tuesday April 17th and Thursday April 19th.

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