Busy Saturday at Fortress Obetz for Ohio Machine, Shootout for Soldiers

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OBETZ -- The Ohio Machine fall to the Denver Outlaws, 13-11 at Fortress Obetz, Saturday night. Mark Cockerton and Connor Cannizzaro each sniped hat tricks with the absence of Marcus Holman.

Play by play provided by Ohio Machine.

First quarter :

Denver scored the first goal at 13:40. Peter Baum ripped a shot from behind the two point line that went off the post. Mark Cockerton scored the first Sheen goal at 8:08 when he received a deflected shot from Connor Cannizzaro. Michael Bocklet scored his second of the night for Denver at 6:02 and the Outlaws led 2-1. Kyle Bernlohr had a save but then turned it over for Eric Law to score at 5:15 and extend the Outlaw lead to two. Kevin Cunningham scored at 4:28 off a pass from Tom Schreiber that rolled in the net. Tom Schreiber followed his assist at 3:54 with a goal of his own to tie the game at three goals. Mark Cockerton scored his second goal of the night at 3:42 after Brian Karalunas squeaked a pass around a Denver defender. Denver scored at 3:13 to end the Sheens three goal streak. Kyle Bernlohr had an impressive save the following defensive stand to keep the game tied. Mike Birney passed down low to Mark Cockerton, Cockerton found Connor Cannizzaro who buried his shot at 1:32 and gave the Machine the lead 5-4. Kyle Bernlohr carried all the way up the field and almost snuck a goal in. Connor Cannizzaro got booked up for interference with ten seconds in the quarter.

Second Quarter:

The Machine started man-down. Kyle Bernlohr stopped a snipe to help hold the one goal Machine lead. Kyle Harrison hit the five hole at 11:17! The man-up goal gave the Machine the two goal lead. Wes Berg scored at 9:37 to cut the Machine lead to one. Connor Cannizzaro took a hard hit after possessing his rebound. Finn Sullivan was charged with the illegal check. Mark Cockerton nailed his hat trick at 6:10. The assist was from Tom Schreiber. The Machine led by two goals again. The goal at 3:13 went off Bernlohr’s leg to bring the Outlaws within one goal. The Sheens went into the locker room with a one goal lead 7-6.

Third Quarter:

The Machine held off a dangerous Denver possession. Dominique Alexander was penalized for playing without his stick. Kyle Bernlohr capped off the penalty kill with a nice save. Steven Waldeck had a nice block off an attempted shot by Denver. Kyle Bernlohr had another save on the same possession. Connor Cannizzaro scored his second of the night at 10:11 and the Machine had the lead by two again. Denver came right back when Wes Berg scored his second at 9:36. Connor Cannizzaro had an impressive behind the back shot that was turned away by Jack Kelly. Denver squeaked one by Bernlohr to tie the game even at eight with 7:20 remaining in the third quarter. Peter Baum threw a bouncer off the turf that didn’t find its way in, stopped only by the crossbar. Denver hit another shot that ricocheted into the net at 3:36. The Outlaws took the lead 9-8. Ryan Ambler continued Denver's scoring streak with three minutes left in the third. The Outlaws now led by two goals. Connor Cannizzaro answered the Machine drought at 1:51 when he booked his hat trick. The Machine trailed by only one goal. Peter Baum tied the game with 45 seconds left in the third quarter! Mark Cockerton recorded the assist.

Fourth Quarter:

Romar Dennis regained the lead at 13:18 when he nailed a two point shot. Wes Berg hit his third of the night and extended the Outlaws lead to three at 9:54. Kevin Cunningham came screaming’ from behind the crease when he received the pass from Peter Baum at 9:27. The Machine trailed by two goals. Steven Waldeck attempted the two point shot but Jack Kelly made the save. Bernlohr made the save at the other end off a behind the back shot. Bernlohr made another impressive save to keep the game within reach. Bernlohr kept the Machine alive with a nice save in the last minute of the game. The Machine took a timeout with thirty-three seconds left and down 13-11. Steven Waldeck took the two point attempt but with no success. The Outlaws prevailed and held its status as the top team in the standings.

The Machine travels to Mile High Stadium next week to take on the very same Outlaws.

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