Upper Arlington's 1968 State Championship team remembered 50 years later

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UPPER ARLINGTON -- Head Coach Marv Moorehead had quite a juggernaut at Upper Arlington in the late 60's, three straight state championship teams and a 58-1 record during that period.

The 1968 Golden Bears were celebrated five decades later with a party and a documentary revealed during their special night at the Raymond Memorial Golf Course.

Bradley Frick is a 1966 U-A graduate and put the hour-long film together. "There was no team like this one, they ran a play every 11 seconds," Frick told ABC-6. "It was fast break football."

Brett Moorehead was a junior tight end on the '68 playing for his father the head coach. Moorehead said Ohio State head coach Woody Hayes would often bring a few players to the Arlington games to see what the fuss was all about.

The '68 Bears went 10-0 to claim the state title.

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