The Football Fever: Meyer, Finkes on finding cohesion between Barrett & receivers


COLUMBUS -- The Buckeyes are looking for a few good men in 2017.

There are up to seven receivers who could play a role this fall for Ohio State. "It's one of the best groups we've had culturally," Urban Meyer told reporters. "They believe in the 4-6 seconds plus 2 mentality we have around here. We have no issues. They hit their target weight, come to work. Those kind of players usually have pretty good careers."

Football Fever analyst Matt Finkes said his time on the practice field confirmed the development of several receivers including Johnie Dixon, Parris Campbell and K. J. Hill. "They are becoming polished receivers," said Finkes. "That certainly helps the way J.T. Barrett views the offense and finding his comfort level as well."

The Buckeyes will have a closed scrimmage Saturday. The season opener is August 31st at Indiana.

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