The Football Fever: Tressel returns to support John Hicks Unlimited Love event


COLUMBUS -- The former caretaker of Buckeye football, now Youngstown State University president Jim Tressel, paid tribute to the late John Hicks Tuesday night along with several Ohio State players.

"John took everyone under his wing whether it was a player, a fan or a sportscaster," Tressel told ABC-6.

Hicks mission before he passed away last year was fundraising for the Unverferth House at Ohio State that houses families of heart transplant patients.

Former Buckeye quarterback Cornelius Green joined with John Johnson, Buster Douglas' former manager, to spearhead the third annual event.

"I've just tried to carry on what John started," Johnson told ABC-6. The event drew 550 fans and former players including emcee Jeff Logan, two-time Heisman winner Archie Griffin, Mike Adams, Will Allen, Nic Buonamici, William White and many more.

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